September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Impact of Conflict Minerals

Country: Turkey
Delegate Name: Brooklyn Rahmaan Bexler

Turkey recognizes the urgency of addressing the issue of conflict minerals, which poses significant challenges to global peace and stability. As a nation committed to ethical trade practices and sustainable development, Turkey acknowledges the importance of finding comprehensive and collaborative solutions to mitigate the impact of conflict minerals on affected regions.

Understanding the historical context of conflict minerals is essential for crafting effective solutions. Turkey acknowledges the devastating consequences of the illicit trade in conflict minerals, which often funds armed groups and perpetuates violence. Turkey calls for a nuanced approach that considers the historical and socio-economic factors contributing to the issue.

Turkey is committed to responsible and ethical sourcing of minerals. We believe in supporting local communities and ensuring that the extraction and trade of minerals contribute to sustainable development. Turkey emphasizes the need for transparent supply chains and responsible business practices to prevent the proliferation of conflict minerals.

Turkey has actively supported UN initiatives aimed at addressing the challenges posed by conflict minerals. We recognize the importance of international cooperation in implementing and enforcing regulations that curb the trade in conflict minerals. Turkey has consistently contributed to peacekeeping efforts in regions affected by conflicts fueled by mineral resources.

Turkey advocates for enhanced international cooperation to tackle the issue of conflict minerals. We propose the establishment of a multilateral framework that involves governments, industry stakeholders, and civil society. This framework should focus on sharing information, coordinating efforts, and implementing effective measures to trace and monitor the trade in conflict minerals.

Turkey believes in the importance of empowering local communities to resist the influence of armed groups involved in the illicit mineral trade. We propose initiatives that focus on capacity building, education, and the development of alternative livelihoods for communities affected by conflict minerals. By addressing the root causes, we can contribute to sustainable peace and development.

Turkey supports the implementation of robust traceability and certification mechanisms for mineral supply chains. We propose the development of international standards that ensure transparency and accountability in the extraction, processing, and trade of minerals. Certification programs should involve all relevant stakeholders to guarantee the credibility of the process.

Turkey acknowledges that addressing the issue of conflict minerals requires careful consideration of various concerns, including economic implications and the potential for unintended consequences. We are open to dialogue and collaboration to refine proposed solutions and ensure a balanced and effective approach.

Turkey reiterates its commitment to contributing to global efforts to address the issue of conflict minerals. By promoting responsible sourcing, international cooperation, and sustainable development, Turkey believes we can create a world where minerals contribute to prosperity rather than conflict. Turkey stands ready to work collaboratively with the international community to implement solutions that foster peace, stability, and ethical trade practices.

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