September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention

Country: Rwanda
Delegate Name: Adam Bonde

Following the devastating coronavirus pandemic that surfaced throughout the whole world, it has become evident that Rwanda must prepare and combat another potential virus. In the past 20 years, Rwanda’s medical system has been on a major uprise, leading it to be the leader in healthcare in the East African Region. However, as 2020 struck hitting Rwanda with the coronavirus, new challenges in controlling an infectious disease emerged for them. To combat this issue, they utilized methods such as case counts – counting how many cases of corona there were, prevention and screening protocols – checking for the disease and testing, treatment and facility practices – facilities for treatment of the virus, and behavioral guidelines for the public – essentially spacing from one person to another like the 6-foot rule.
Consequently, after these protocols were engaged Rwanda recorded 8,383 coronavirus cases, 6,542 recoveries, and 92 deaths just shy of a year post-first case. From January to December the Ministry of Health, the Rwanda Biomedical Centre, and the Epidemic and Surveillance Response Division collaborated on preparative measures. Following this 12-month excursion between these organizations; the formation of a joint task force for the Coronavirus National Preparedness and Response Plan happened. This led to an extensive 6-month plan that involved a national incident management system detailing four comprehensive segments; being dissemination of public information through drones, robots for screening and inpatient care, and official communications using social media to stop the spread of misinformation.

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