September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Worker Protection From Labor Exploitation

Country: Japan
Delegate Name: Oscar Vartanian

Worker protection from labor exploitation is an extremely broad and highly disagreed upon topic. Worker protection includes safe working environments, prevention of excessive working hours, and enforcement of international labor laws. In many nations around the world, these international labor laws are still not enforced, creating dangerous work environments, low wages, and extreme working hours. This lack of enforcement has resulted in millions of people being stuck in indentured servitude and results in nearly 343 people dying each day.

Japan recognizes the dire nature of the current labor environment and believes itself to be a leader in workers’ rights and compensation. Japan remains committed to upholding a progressive and safe work environment, with many laws and restrictions protecting workers’ rights. Japan to this day continues to advance its labor laws and worker protection. Japan encourages communication between workers and employers and hopes they can address issues before they arise.

Labor exploitation is an international problem and is an issue present all over the world. Japan believes international collaboration is necessary to address many of the issues today. Japan actively participates in international forums such as the International Labor Organization (ILO), to ensure safe and healthy practices and to create a safe and efficient work environment. By utilizing international communication, it will hold many nations accountable for these actions.

The Global Supply chain presents a major problem when it comes to workers’ rights. Often, they find ways around many labor laws and regulations. Japan’s government actively works with many of its large organizations and encourages them to ensure workers’ rights and safe practices. Japan is in support of forming and utilizing international guidelines and enforcing them to hold international organizations accountable.

Migrant workers are a vulnerable group often in need of work and are consistently taken advantage of. Japan recognizes their vulnerability and feels they need to be protected. Migrant workers typically are refugees or people desperate for work. Japan believes that the UNDP needs to work closely with member states on protecting and ensuring the safety of migrant workers.

Currently, international labor laws are too broad and not being enforced. Japan believes the UNDP needs to put in place and enforce these labor laws instead of letting them go unnoticed. Implementing and strengthening domestic policies, and encouraging good business practices will help in many ways.

The current state of worker exploitation is not acceptable. Japan encourages the UNDP to act and help these people. Implementing new domestic policies and enforcing others will go a long way in fixing the problems at hand. Along with more protection from migrant workers and monitoring the Global supply chain it will change the current state of the problems at hand.

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