September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Worker Protection From Labor Exploitation

Country: Turkey
Delegate Name: Evan Puzzuoli

Worker exploitation is one of the biggest issues currently. Workers will be forced to work in dangerous conditions with minimal compensation. Children may also be forced to work in these conditions. The main issue with worker exploitation is the disrespect toward humans. Widely accepted labor laws date back to the Treaty of Versailles the late 1910’s. With the availability of jobs decreasing, people in need will work for less out of desperation. Some might even consider the exploitation of workers as a form of slavery. Every human has rights, and the exploitation of those rights is unacceptable and needs to be solved. This issue of worker exploitation is getting worse by the day and needs to be solved as soon as possible.

In Turkey, child labor is prevalent in low numbers. In 2017, Tukey had roughly a 55 percent employment rate. Out of that 55 percent of the population most are earning very low pay. Turkey’s productivity from labor is very high. However, the amount of low performing students is very high which is a contribution to labor exploitation. There are many labor unions in Turkey dating back to 1947. However, strikes are legal in Turkey, in the past the government has taken to force to prevent and end the strikes. Turkey has taken measures to improve the current status of worker exploitations by joining the International Labour Organization. In the past Turkey has banned striking from those who work in fields that are essential for society.

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