September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Worker Protection From Labor Exploitation

Country: Jordan
Delegate Name: Gavin Dakhi

Labor exploitation poses a large challenge to global development, encompassing issues such as poor working conditions, extended work hours, insufficient wages, hazardous environments, and a disregard for established labor norms. Jordan recognizes the urgency of devising comprehensive strategies to combat labor exploitation, creating sustainable development and striving to uphold human rights.

The International Labor Organization, established after the First World War through the Treaty of Versailles, laid the foundation for international cooperation on labor rights. Grounded in the belief that lasting peace is linked to social justice for all, the International Labor Organization has been vocal in advocating for workers’ rights. The following creation of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 1965 underscores the commitment to improving living standards and working standards as a necessity.

Recent estimates from the International Labor Organization indicate that approximately 50 million individuals (about twice the population of Texas) globally are ensnared in forced labor. The complexities of this issue have been worsened by the compounding effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, escalating natural disasters fueled by climate change, and the transformative impact of artificial intelligence and automation on employment dynamics. Vulnerable populations, including migrants and refugees, are disproportionately affected due to their legal status often being tied to employment and where they can become employed.

While the International Labor Organization primarily focuses on resolving existing instances of labor exploitation, the UNDP plays an important role in establishing standards that fortify worker protections during national development. Jordan emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive strategy that navigates the diverse challenges within the crisis of labor exploitation.

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