September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Situation in Haiti

Country: Japan
Delegate Name: Daniel Hernanz

Haiti’s long history of struggle has had a devastating effect on it that is still strongly felt in the country and around the world today. Poverty and corruption stop the country from progressing, but even when things seem to be going better, earthquakes and other natural disasters hit it, bringing it back down again. The U.N sent MINUSTAH to help, however that proved ineffective, and after MINUSTAH and other versions of it were removed in 2019, insecurity ruled the country. Now, gangs fight for government control as they have not had any form of elections yet. The corruption of the president coupled with gang fights lead the civilians to be caught in the crossfire, experiencing sexual violence, an estimated 1,000 kidnaps and 2,000 murders. Although the UN does not look favorably on supplying international help, the current leaders of the country have asked for aid from the UN.

Japan has been helping Haiti through its history, outside and with the UN. Japan has provided economic aid, educational transfers, cultural education and diplomatic negotiations. Although Japan would like to do more to help, humanitarian volunteers have been driven away by the chaos ensuing in the country. In the UN, Japan has supported decisions by the Secretary-General and is willing to find more ways to help.

In this conference, the delegation of Japan would like to find more ways to help Haiti, however the delegation would look favorably upon solutions that do not involve more UN and multinational help, as that has not worked in the past. Although Japan recognizes that immediate military help might be needed to put a halt to the violence, it does not believe it would be a good long term solution, but that instead the UNSC should find ways to promote self-sovereignty and self-sustainability in Haiti. The delegation of Japan also calls upon other countries to support Haiti outside of the UN as Japan already does in order to promote more individual aid, hopefully proving more effective.

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