September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Situation in Sudan

Country: Japan
Delegate Name: Daniel Hernanz

Conflict in Sudan with the RSF has led to a decrease in the security and stability of the lives of the Sudanese people, spreading from Khartoum to regions such as Kordofan and Darfur. Millions have already fled, but the situation is complicated as 93,000 Syrian refugees have to flee again. More than 200,000 Sudanese and South Sudanese people have already evacuated, but refugee camps have limited supplies. For many others, fleeing the situation is almost impossible due to the limited transportation options that they have, but even for those that do escape, they never do so completely. Because of the prioritization Sudan is giving to the fighting, other places such as Port Sudan are not capable of facilitating the help that the people need. Unwillingness of both the RSF and Sudan makes ending this conflict even harder.

The delegation of Japan promoted the petition for ceasefire in April from UNTAG, but that was not successful. Japan along with other G7 and like minded-countries has supported civilian rule in Sudan, however given the current situation, Japan has asked for a ceasefire and negotiations towards peace to occur. Japan has cooperated with the United Nations and the UNSC, as the safety of the people is what matters most.
In this conference, the delegation of Japan will continue to support a peaceful end to the fighting after negotiations are made between the two parties. The delegation calls on Sudan to fully cooperate with the UN in finding a peaceful way to end this conflict and bring back the safety to the people. Lastly, Japan looks forward to negotiating and creating ways to find peace and safety in the upcoming conference.

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