September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Situation in Yemen

Topic: 2024-Situation in Yemen
Country: Yemen
Delegate Name: Logan Tamas

Yemen has been in a constant state of conflict since 2014 whos roots are much deeper. The conflict, started by the Houthis, has caused problems in not just Yemen but around the world as well. The conflict is rooted in both economic and religious strain that has been constantly strained to this day by nations like Iran. Terrorism by groups like the Houthis are still on going even after all of the anti-terror support given internationally. This means there needs to be much more international support for anti-terror efforts. This aid should involve not just the sending of arms but the sending of monetary and personnel support as well. All of this support for the true government of Yemen will help the anti-terrorism objective greatly.
This help will come with many downsides though, with it giving many countries influence over Yemen. To fight that influence, I believe that the only way to keep Yemen from becoming a larger battlefield, is to give all aid directly to the Yemen’s government. This means that after the aid is given, it cannot be taken back. If the aid sent is soldiers then they will be given a number of years to serve by the nation sending them and be put under direct control of Yemen’s military. If the aid sent is military vehicles they will remain in Yemen’s control until the conflict has ended. These policies will help Yemen through this tumultuous time and help restore peace and eliminate any terrorism within Yemen. The committee should also give Yemen complete veto power over any act that will influence Yemen’s internal policy. The arms embargo also needs to be strengthened by making international punishments for selling arms to the terrorist factions in this conflict.

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