September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Inequality in International Criminal Prosecutions

Country: France
Delegate Name: Luci Perez-Simons

The ICC has been working as best as it has been hoped to, for it has a few faults that are expected, but some countries beg to differ. The Rome Statue, a treaty that began the ICC, was signed in 1998. Ever since then, the ICC has been operating. As of today, 123 states are a part of the court. The most notable issue, though, would be the inequality in the court, where they often focus on too many cases from Africa, and not as many cases internationally. This issue can be easily explained; the ICC does not get enough funding for as many cases to be looked at.
France has always worked comfortably with the ICC and tries to provide as much as possible. France cooperates with the court as much as possible compared to other states. France also tries to promote the Rome Statue to countries that have not yet signed it or are reluctant to join.
So, how can the committee make a difference and solve this issue? The main issue that deserves to be discussed is that there can be inequality, and that is because of the budget that the ICC gets every month. Because so many countries have still not decided on whether or not to join, the ICC continues to only be able to cover a limited amount of cases each year. Since the ICC mainly deals with cases that originated in Africa, inequality can most definitely be seen here, but this is just a case of insufficient funding. With this main issue being addressed, we can efficiently find a way to solve this issue. France proposes a basic solution, which would be getting more funding for the ICC. There is a plentitude of ways that countries can do this, and the best way to do that is by bringing more countries that are opposed to the ICC in. By doing so, more countries can fund the ICC, which will bring the court to have more cases that will not be so centered around a specific continent.
So, France believes that the best way to solve this problem is by getting more countries and funding for the ICC. If we were able to efficiently do this, the ICC would be able to deal with much more cases, and by including this in further issues, we can make sure that we can efficiently try and distribute the number of cases more internationally.

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