September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention

Country: Spain
Delegate Name: Will Allen

Pandemic Preparedness and Prevention
Will Allen

Spain, like most other nations, had a severe outbreak of COVID-19. As of November 20, 2023, Spain has had close to 14 million cases. Although our health care infrastructure is strong, we still faced unprecedented challenges, esspecially at the beginning of the pandemic, as we were among the most affected countries. Citizens in rural areas of Spain were the most vulnerable, due to their higher median age and lack of availability to resources. This emphasizes the need for a more comprehensive healthcare system, not just here, but globally.
We are also not alone in our beliefs that thre is a need for a unified, global action against this pandemic and preventing furtue ones. The World Health Organization in 2021 establshed an international negotiating body, emphaszing the global collaboration needed to attack such an issue.
Some specific goals that Spain belives are, Improving disease surveying capabilities, globally sharing information related to disease breakouts and medical advancements, and equitable vaccine distribution.
Spains belifes in managing any future pandemic are rooted in a global commitment to solidarity in information sharing and assisting those who need it most.