September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Climate Change and Public Health

Country: Spain
Delegate Name: Will Allen

Climate Change and Public Health
Will Allen

It is 1 degree celsius warmer on this earth, on average, than it was out pre-industrial days. Spain, like most other countries, constantly faces the consequences of a continuously warmer planet. Climate change, extinction of plants and animals, rising sea levels, among other things. We belive that the general health of the public and climate change and directly intertwined, and shall take appraoches to solve these issues as such.

One way Spain thinks this should be approached is through a localized method. Urban areas are hotter than rural areas. Differences in climate, infasturcture, and population must also be taken into account when finding solutions. Spain is a firm believer that there is not just one solution to this issue, but many. Not every place in Spain, as well as the world, will be suffering the exact same repercussions of climate change or suffering from the same public health emergencies.

Spain belives that developing a more comprehensive surverying system of things like air quality, water safety, infectious diseases, infectious diseases, etc. will help us develop warning systems that will assist us in predicting health risks assosciated with any changes, and help us better prepare not just locally but globally as a result.

Spain believes that we must work together and determine how we can better protect the safety of our global citizens. With a climate that in inevitably going to get warmer, Spain believes the best course of action is to prepare and take preventive measures on what is going to come. Not just in our rural environments, but in our urban metropolitan areas as well.

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