September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Cybercrime

Country: Kenya
Delegate Name: Harrison Cornell

Kenya’s position on cybercrime is the position taken by the majority of member states, cybercrime should be combatted in order to help the security of the citizens of Kenya and our allies. While the UN Global Programme on Cybercrime helps begin fighting cybercrime, it is only a beginning to addressing a worldwide cause and is vague on how to address the cause, only outlining a plan of how to combat cybercrime. We now need direct action before cybercrime becomes too big of a problem for us to handle. Furthermore, we need to protect young people from cybercrime. “2.5% of respondents [to a survey] aged 15-74 reported being victims of cybercrime in 2008. Among the ages of 15-24, the figure was 5.3%” (Näsi). We need to help protect young people from cybercrime, as they are our future.
According to the Kenyan paper The Star, “The Kenyan Computer Incident Response team… detected 35.2 cyber threat events between July and September 2020” (Tarus). Kenya is a country that has been targeted time and time again by cybercrime and is therefore seeking relief from cyber attacks. It is no secret that cybercrime has been a threat to our world for years now and that as we get more advanced technology, more technology becomes available to cybercriminals and terrorists. As time goes on, one can only imagine that cyberterrorism is how terrorists will eventually attack nations. Therefore, the threat of cybercrime should be dealt with quickly and efficiently in order to minimize the risk of a large-scale cybercrime attack and prevent it before it happens.
Kenya supports seeking to help support nations, especially those suffering most like East African nations, combat cybercrime after they were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Kenya supports trying to inform informing the general public of ways to protect themselves from cybercrime. Kenya supports holding social media companies to cybersecurity standards in order to make sure that their users are not exploited by cybercriminals. Kenya supports trying to protect young people, especially from cybercrime. Kenya supports action trying to prevent cyberterrorism before it becomes the greatest threat to our world.

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