September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Situation in Tigray

Country: Kenya
Delegate Name: Noah Mowrey

Country: Kenya
Delegate Name: Noah Mowrey

Security Council
Situation in Tigray
Noah Mowrey
The “Tigray Peoples Liberation Front” is a political group of rebels turned rulers who have dominated Ethiopia for decades. Tensions started the September of last year when Tigrayans defied prime minister Abiy Ahmed on going forth with parliamentary elections following that Ethiopian funds were cut from the region of Tigray.
Kenya has tightened northern border security because of fear of an influx of Ethiopian refugees while the Tigrayian forces push the capital, Addis Abba. Kenya is working hard on keeping refugees out, “ Northern Kenya is already home to the refugee camps of Kakuma in the northwest and Dadaab in the northeast. They are among the world’s largest refugee settlements.
For the past few years, Kenyan officials have been pushing hard to have the camps completely closed by mid-2022 — a plan that could be scuttled by new refugees from Ethiopia.
Kenya’s police service has already cautioned citizens to report cases of undocumented persons and unprocessed immigrants in the country.”(Welle). You can see in this statement by Welle that Kenya is already at the brim of capacity, and that they are trying diligently to close their refugee camps. The president of Kenya, Kenyatta has pleaded that both sides put down their weapons and in conflict, “The men and women of the government of Ethiopia, led by my dear brother in leadership, Abiy Ahmed, as well as the men and women who constitute the leadership that is fighting the government must find reason to cease the conflict immediately and talk,”(Kenyatta). Kenyatta came out with this statement while he was in Ethiopia to try to get both sides to have a diplomatic interaction.
The UN’s aid chief said that he was planning on emergency operations in Tigray and Ethiopia. “UN aid chief Martin Griffiths said on Monday that he had released a total of $40m aimed at scaling up emergency operations in the Tigray region and the rest of Ethiopia’s conflict-hit north, and as an early response to drought in the south of the country.’”(Jazeera). The UN is planning to put out emergency operations that would help with the war and the influx of Ethiopian refugees fleeing to other countries.
Kenya believes that the T.P.L.F and the Ethiopian government should lay down their weapons and get together and have a diplomatic discussion, to minimize casualties, famine, and refugees.

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