September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Vaccine Equity and Access

Country: Argentina
Delegate Name: Cooper Dlugos

Delegate Name: Cooper Dlugos
Country: Argentina
Topic: Vaccine Equity and Access
Committee: World Health organization
School: Forest Hills Central

With help from surrounding countries we have had access to great amounts of vaccine resources to diversify our citizens in their immunization portfolio. With the use of vaccines we have driven down the rates of positive cases in every sector of viruses. Help from the United States and diplomatic relations have led us to a solution of vaccine imports. The U.S. graciously sent 3.5 million doses of vaccines on July 16 of 2021. The use of vaccines and the importance of vaccine equity is such a significant piece of fighting a deadly virus. Later on in the year the favor was returned to another country who was suffering high positive cases. On November 23 of 2021 our Embassy in Maputo Mozambique donated 450,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to fight against the devastating effects of Covid-19. This was the largest single donation of vaccines to be received by Mozambique as well as the first consignment sent by Argentina to other countries that are facing an urgent need for more vaccines to increase vaccine equity. During the recent G20 Summit we were inspired by the acts of other countries to increase the equitability and access of underdeveloped countries for vaccines. This effective response of solidarity against the pandemic will not only strengthen communities who are suffering but bring together nations in helping each other for the mutual benefit of this world.After this great donation sparked by the generosity of the United States we are focusing on an aide program to supported countries in a critical state in regards to the effects of the Coronavirus.
As a representative of Argentina I plead to my fellow delegates that they follow in the footsteps of the vaccine aid programmes setup by the United States and Argentina. If you have already aided a country in need of an increase in vaccine equity or previously attended the M60 summit I along with all of the countries who have been aided thank you. For those who have not set up a mutual aid program I ask that you consider donating vaccines to countries nearby to help lower the curve of positive cases. I hope we as delegates of our countries use this time well and make decisions that will benefit humanity and structure a smooth path for future generations to reap the rewards of our Burdens.

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