September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Israel-Palestine

Country: Niger
Delegate Name: Nico Gandarias Sáez

Nicolás Gandarias Sáez
Forest Hills Central High School
Republic of Niger
Special Political Committee: Israel-Palestine

Since the beginning of Israel people starting a country in the British colony where Palestine was in 1947 multiple problems and conflicts have surged due to Israel trying to take territories from Palestine and not being recognised as a legitimate state by all the countries. Actually the conflict is still going on and due to the investing of the US, Israel is the military dominant country in the Gaza frontier conflict with much more advanced weapons than Palestine.

Niger recognises both countries as legitimate states and wants to stay neutral, however we think the situation can be unfair for the Palestines. Anyways we have embassies from both countries in our country and we don’t want to have a conflict with any of them.

We think that the UN should convene an official distribution of the territory for these countries with the objective of stopping the conflict. We also believe the UN should supervise the human right violations that any of these countries can commit during this conflict.

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