September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Israel-Palestine

Country: Argentina
Delegate Name: Andrew Shier

School: Forest Hills Central High School
Committee: SPECPOL
Topic: Situation in Israel and Palestine
Situation in Israel and Palestine
The conflict between Israel and Palestine has long gripped the Middle East. After Jews from Europe flocked to this Arab-majority area of the British Empire, looking to reclaim what they believed they had lost, tensions began to rise and skirmishes began. The Arabs who had been living there for hundreds of years beforehand were, understandably, furious. They viewed the migration as a threat to their wellbeing, and indeed it was. The new Jewish immigrants caused violence, terror, and strife to harass the cities of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, and many others. The Arabs saw their cultural integrity being threatened and struck back. What has resulted is a conflict motivated on one side by fear of destruction and the other side insatiable territorial desire. The Israeli government has spared no effort in repressing the Palestinian people and has refused to agree to a reasonable settlement. They have proposed “agreements” so egregiously unfair to the Palestinians that the latter has had no choice but to turn them down. Then, after that, Israel proceeds to feign outrage and indignity when the Arabs will not accept their one-sided “peace” plans. Currently, the dispute remains unresolved and simmering, while the Israeli government continues to commit atrocities and oppress daily against the Arab populations of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. Argentina has watched sadly as neither side has been willing to give in, and as horrific acts of injustice are tolerated by nations supposed to be “just” or “free.”
Argentina has long been a committed protector and defender of human rights. It has called out Israel and its horrific abuses time and again, only for it to continue. It has supported the integrity and sovereignty of Palestine, only for those sentiments to go unheeded (2). While Argentina feels as if its voice is not being heard, it will not temper its pleas for the humane treatment of the Palestinians and an end to the overreaches and excesses of the Zionist State. In a statement on May 11, 2021, Argentina stated, “The Argentine Republic expresses its deep concern over the dramatic worsening of the situation in Israel and Palestine, the disproportionate use of force by Israeli security units in the face of protests over possible evictions of Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhoods and Silwan, as well as for the response through the launching of missiles and incendiary devices from the Gaza Strip.” (1) While Argentina has had very little to contribute fiscally, it will not hesitate to provide humanitarian aid and relief to the victims of these crimes. It will also continue to advocate for Israel’s moderation and express a desire on the part of Israel to meet Palestine on equal ground for peace talks. Argentina has, and will continue to, support a two-state solution, with enough land given to the Palestinians that they can construct a strong and lasting democratic state. Only with fair and equal treatment of both sides can the Middle East thrive, and peace is found between these two people.
Argentina supports the use of a United Nations committee to find a reasonable, peaceful solution to this issue. Argentina believes that Israel and the United States need to find more ground for compromise with Palestine, and maintains that these nations need to abandon their current, strident position that Palestine is not a real nation, and should not be recognized as one. Only through joint recognition and respect can a peaceful solution be found, and as such Argentina proposes an UN-funded organization formed, with advocates from all sides, specifically to closely monitor and oversee UN action in Palestine. Argentina supports UN-funded investigations into potential human rights abuses by the state of Israel, to ensure that all people are protected and that all criminals face justice. Finally, Argentina supports a two-state solution, focusing on the preservation of religious sites and artifacts, so no member of any religion is prevented from visiting any site which they deem to be holy or sacred. Although Argentina’s support for these measures is fervent, it recognizes that the input and perspectives of all nations are necessary to come to a sensible, intelligent solution. As such, Argentina will be open to hearing the beliefs and opinions of all present nations, and is excited to work with other countries to solve this issue.