September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Women's Economic Empowerment

Country: Niger
Delegate Name: Marrissa Bertocchini

Delegate Marissa Bertocchini
Forest Hills Central High School
Republic of Niger
UN Women: Women’s Economic Empowerment

Women since the rise of the early 17th century ideals have not been equal to their male counterparts in any relation or situation. In financial subsistence, the United Nations estimates that women as a whole make up just about half of the global workforce, yet they still have a tremendous wage gap of about 23%, insinuating that women make approximately seventy-seven cents for every dollar that a man can make do the equivalent amount of work. This is incredibly imperative to resolve as the economic empowerment of women leads to highly successful nations and without women we would all suffer in many ways. Women are a necessity and we should treat them as they deserve.

As of recent times, the Republic of Niger has made immense progress in equality and empowerment of women. As of February 2021, 25.9% of parliamentary seats were held by women. While huge steps have been taken to progress in equality of all genders in Niger, there is still much work to be done for Nigeriens.

Many of the young women of Niger are forced into child marriages that they are not interested in. In 2018, 12.9% of women of a wide range of ages reported that they experienced physical and/or sexual assault from a romantic partner within the 12 months of the year. In December of 2020, 50.8% of indicators that were directly needed to monitor previously implemented SDGs from a gender perspective were openly available to those nations and representatives who needed it. The Republic of Niger recognizes that there needs to be more of a joint effort in the fight against gender inequality.

The Republic of Niger would appreciate the opportunity to fully acknowledge the nation’s flaws in the aspect of financial equality. Niger is a very cooperative nation with others who want to join in the fight for gender equality. Any amount of support and cooperation from the other nations of the world would be greatly appreciated to further accelerate the process. The Republic of Niger would look highly upon introducing further pushing evaluations of gender effects of any previously implemented SDGs. We would also further encourage the creation of a specialized committee to meet annually and address gender inequality with all willing nations of the world.

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