September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Vaccine Equity and Access

Country: Niger
Delegate Name: Thomas Laidlaw

WHO— Niger— Laidlaw

Delegate Thomas Laidlaw
Forest Hills Central
The Republic of Niger
World Health Organisation: Climate Change and Infectious Disease

In Niger, climate change has severely affected the spread of infectious disease on a mass scale. Starting back in 2015, the spread of ebola showed imminently that climate change plays a factor in infectious disease. The diseases are able to exist for extended periods of time due to the warmer temperatures and favorable climates. The country of Niger would look favorably upon a solution that works to stop the warming of the climate and therefore puts an end to the proliferation of infectious diseases. We need vaccines to help stop these diseases from becoming a bigger issue than it already is.

In our country, many diseases have been worsened by the extreme climate that is caused by climate change. It has heated up our temperatures and allowed diseases to survive in times where the conditions previously would not allow them. This can be seen by the spread of ebola and malaria between our citizens. The diseases are able to survive longer due to the rising temperatures. We need vaccines to end this issue and we need to see these from developed nations and economically stable nations.

The blame for this issue lies upon the economically stable world. They have paved the way for their financial upturn by ruining our climate through emissions coming from their factory sectors. We want to increase regulations on production and greenhouse gasses for the survival of our great country.

As we said, we would like to see serious reparations from the developed world because of their pollution of our environment and therefore the pollution of our world. They have caused danger to our people and we wish to see extreme counter-measures taken by these countries to correct their wrong-doings. They have created a world in which our citizens are in danger of infectious disease and refuse to recognize their responsibility.

We want to write a plan that includes reparations for the African world and sees a plan for climate change. This needs to be taken as an utmost priority because of what it has done to our people.

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