September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Antibiotic Resistance

Country: Egypt
Delegate Name: KenZen Low

Something about this topic is lately, Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) has been a problem lately, many people die of this problem and it also harms the economy due to contaminated food. The World Health Organization (WHO) is helping with this problem. This is a super important topic because this disease impacts the world with several deaths and economic impacts. This case needs to be known because this is impactful to the economy and the people who have these cases so it’s important to inform these cases so then the world can live better and help the people thrive. Some actions we have taken are improving public awareness. They will also slow the emergence of new restraint patterns and control the spread of resistant pathogens by optimizing the use of antimicrobial medicines. Strengthen national health surveillance and implement evidence-based infection control practice. The estimation of global mortality of AMR in Egypt can be 700,000 but more increases as years pass by. From 1990 to 2013, BCG from 89-98%, DTP3 from 87-97%, and measles from 86-96%.

This is an issue for Egypt and the world because AMR is impactful globally. Recently antibiotics are managing the problems for AMR is a discovery of antibiotics, when discovered, the problems are more curable and manageable for helping people with these diseases. AMR is known to be a threat to the world. Ways they address this issue on a national level by having the world health organization report the case of the AMR problems in Egypt and developing a Global action plan (GAP) to combat AMR which involves animal health and environmental areas also into global efforts. Other actions are using other organizations like The food and agricultural Organizations of the United Nations. They contribute by using antibiotics extensively and participating in the intergovernmental agencies engaged in health and agriculture. Some resolutions or treaties are getting the right types of antibiotics to help those who are sick from AMR. Organizations Egypt participates in are the world health organization and participates in helping others with disease problems and making sure their foods are not contaminated. So far, progress has been made with the AMR problems with the united nations and the world health Organization by planning many strategies to help them get healthy. At the national level, antibiotics and health has been a major problem in Egypt due to agricultural contamination from other things that contaminate food.

World health organizations in Egypt will help out with the AMR problems with antibiotics and the right ones to help many lives from AMR. Egypt’s role is to help save lives from the AMR and help around the world with the right medications. Egypt’s action is progressing with the World Health Organization and other organizations helping with AMR and how they can also help with agricultural things. With GAP, Egypt can resist the AMR problem that is in Egypt and around the world. AMR is deadly and the united nations should take action to stop this.