September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Repatriation of Refugees

Country: Brazil
Delegate Name: Andrew Dylenski

A refugee is defined as someone who has been forced to leave their home due to various causes such as conflict, persecution, and global conflict. In 2022, the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees(UNHCR) announced that the amount of displaced refugees has reached the 100 million mark, doubling its amount from the previous decade. Through both World Wars, the number of refugees skyrocketed and saw one of the greatest amounts of displaced people in the world. This mass displacement has bridged to many problems for the refugees such as increasing conflict and threatened human rights regarding levels of water, food, and shelter being provided. With 43.3 million refugees being children, this problem has a heavy toll on families. The neighboring countries of those who are facing conflict tend to get all of the refugees and that has a heavy effect on the nation’s supplies and has led to poverty. For example, Syrian refugees have fled to neighboring countries such as Turkey and Lebanon where jobs are being taken and wages being lowered. While the UNHCR and other refugees have made some efforts internationally, such as the 404,000 refugees who have returned to their homes, there needs to be a bigger push from countries and organizations worldwide to really fix the problem. The HRC, partnering with the UNHCR, must find a way to uphold human rights for refugees while proposing a repatriation process that involves returning those displaced either to their home country or a different safer community if theirs is in conflict.

In 2023, Brazil had a total of 603,905 refugees in their country from surrounding areas. The country has an open-border policy where it takes in refugees and provides them with food and shelter. Venezuela’s political and socio-economic situation has led to around 460,000 migrants coming to Brazil. The country’s Operation Welcome is a program through the government where refugees are able to come in through Roraima and Amazonas and are given humanitarian assistance and documentation related to the cities if their country of origin is not safe to return to. Recently, Brazil also established a humanitarian visa policy it will take in refugees from countries that are holding a lot; Refugees from Afghanistan and other countries of conflict have started to appear in strong numbers in the country. The Brazilian federal government has been working on the process they will take to support new refugees who are coming in. For example, with the Venezuelan conflict happening, the Federal Emergency Assistance Committee and other authorities have been working on a response to refugees that ensures documentation and registration of the refugees, the provision of humanitarian items such as food, water, and shelter, and the integration of the various refugees into communities where they will be provided education and shelter. There are still speculations surrounding the process of returning these refugees to their country of origin when it is deemed safe.

The resettlement and reintegration of refugees into their country of origin or a community where they will be safe is a main priority of the HRC. Voluntary repatriation of refugees allows citizens to return to their country of origin if they want to. In order to return them to the country, UNHCR would have to analyze if the country is safe to return to, how they are gonna be transported, and where they are gonna live. Resettlement is another topic that has to be addressed as many of these refugees do not have anywhere to live. The Sustainable Resettlement and Complementary Pathways Initiative(CRISP) is a mechanism that works with countries to educate trainers and get assistance to provide protection and a secure place to live for these refugees. Governments should be given funding and assistance to help support community sponsorship and complementary pathways that will be provided to the refugees who require extra assistance and health care.

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