September 16, 2019
 In 2023-De-escalation of Sectarian Conflict

Country: Kazakhstan
Delegate Name: Calvin Cater

A sectarian conflict is a destructive cycle that can cause long-lasting damage to communities. Examples include religious, economic, and political disputes. Kazasktans location geopgrahically has casued it to become a place of migration, and such developed a diverse collection of communities. Kazakhstan has experienced largely ethnic conflicts back when it was a part of the Soviet Union. Due to its diversity, Kazaskhstan is at risk toward conflicts arising.
Kazakhstan’s stance on sectarian conflicts is based on both historical context and regional background. Extremist groups have prompted Kazakhstan to prioritize the maintenance of peace and stability within its own borders. Additionally, the country has witnessed the consequences of sectarian conflicts, such as the displacement of communities and the threat to national security. These incidents have shaped Kazakhstan’s commitment to finding peaceful resolutions and preventing the escalation of sectarian tensions. As a country in Central Asia’s heart, this proximity exposes Kazakhstan to the potential spillover effects of these conflicts, making it crucial for the country to carefully navigate its stance in order to maintain peace and stability. To ensure its security and maintain harmonious relations, Kazakhstan recognizes the importance of actively engaging in diplomatic relations and establishing partnerships with neighboring countries and global powers
Kazakhstan can adopt several strategies and approaches to address sectarian conflicts. Firstly, fostering dialogue and promoting peacebuilding efforts is crucial. By encouraging open and constructive discussions, Kazakhstan can create a platform for different religious and ethnic groups to voice their concerns, reduce tensions, and build mutual understanding. Additionally, Kazakhstan should actively participate in regional and international initiatives aimed at resolving sectarian conflicts. This involvement allows Kazakhstan to contribute its unique perspective and experiences, as well as collaborate with other nations to find comprehensive and lasting solutions.