September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Reduction of Military Budgets

Country: Sudan
Delegate Name: Mallory Pearson

In 2022, the global military budget was 2.2 trillion dollars. A high military budget can obviously positively impact a nation. It can lead to newer weapons, more troops, and a stronger military in general. However, that funding could improve other aspects of the world, such as advancements in technology and education. A lower military budget can also impact the economy positively. The United Nations found a direct correlation between military disarmament and economic well-being. Although the military budget is high, there has been a decrease in military spending after the COVID-19 pandemic because many countries were more focused on healing. But in 2022, Ukraine increased its military spending by 640% because of the war against Russia. Additionally, in March of 2023, the US military requested an increase of $26 billion for 2024.

As of 2021, Sudan’s spent 1% of its GDP on military expenditures. This was a large decrease from the 3.6% they spent in 2017. Therefore, Sudan, along with many other countries has prioritized other needs over its military budget.

One of Sudan’s largest concerns in 2022 was the 3.7 displaced citizens living in camps because of the Darfur crisis. This means that the country would benefit from using its funds towards finding housing for displaced people instead of putting it towards the military.

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