September 16, 2019
 In 2023-The Principle of Universal Jurisdiction

Country: Sudan
Delegate Name: Rishika Kokkula

Universal jurisdiction is a key aspect of international law that has been taken notice to by the United Nations. Universal jurisdiction refers to the notion that crimes committed in a certain jurisdiction can be prosecuted by any nation, regardless of where the crime took place. This is implemented in situations in which serious war criminals have committed major international crimes. While the idea of universal jurisdiction remains widely recognized, its purpose and role in international law has been a cause of concern among the United Nations.

In the past, universal jurisdiction has been used to prosecute serious criminals and dictators. Although many countries have differing legal systems that hinder the full expansion of universal jurisdiction, it is an essential aspect of international law that must be agreed upon. As of now, the United Nations still is doubtful of the role of universal jurisdiction in international law as it may threaten state sovereignty and state power. However, considering the current situation in their country, Sudan especially recognizes the need to establish and regulate the principle of universal jurisdiction.

Sudan, due to its political unrest and internal conflicts, compels the United Nations to strengthen universal jurisdiction law among countries so that victims of serious war crimes can achieve the justice they deserve. Sudan supports the cooperation among the countries in the United Nations to solidify the implementation of universal jurisdiction in order to ensure that war criminals are held accountable and human rights are protected.