September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Worker Protection From Labor Exploitation

Country: India
Delegate Name: Sabrina Green

Labor exploitation is when businesses purposely exploit workers in many ways. Such businesses that do this include agriculture, manufacturing, and construction. These companies exploit workers through human trafficking, low to no wages, and long working hours. Many people who experience these challenges are people in debt, people who struggle to make ends meet, and young children. Around 60% of citizens are in debt, and about 3,253,202 children in India work. These people have no choice but to continue working under these poor conditions because they have to work to support their families. Labor exploitation typically occurs in developing countries because these are the places that have such groups of people.

India is one of the main countries with exploited work as a main system for work. The country has many factories due to exports being a strong score of income for this country. Because the country has such a huge population, it’s hard to closely regulate factories and companies. India has about a 2.14USD minimum wage, however many are paid less. India is also a country where human trafficking can be found. Although India doesn’t have all the precautions to prevent these actions from happening, they are looking for ways to fix this huge problem. India is currently in Tier Two (in the human trafficking tier in the USA) for human trafficking. Indian states such as Maharashtra and Odisha have funded AHTU (anti-human trafficking unit) to prevent these unfortunate events from occurring. Many factories in India have very poor working situations, for example, many factories collapse due to not enough mandatory factory setting checks. A government report shows that most workers earn less than half of the minimum accepted norms, 71% do not have any written job contract, 54% do not get paid leave, and over 57% in rural areas and nearly 80% in urban areas work much beyond the eight-hour work day.

Although India has exploitation and trafficking, India is trying to improve. India has already taken precautions to help improve these factors that enable it. India also wants to help improve conditions for all countries. A way to help get rid of labor exploitation is by having more regulation over factories globally. What a UN sub-committee could do is gain people to go to countries to help regulate factories. India recommends another thing this UN committee could take care of is making AHTU (anti-human trafficking unit) through fundraisers to help prevent human trafficking such as A21. This money could help tighten regulations on improper factories and help build defenses against large human trafficking groups.

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