September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Impact of Conflict Minerals

Country: Italy
Delegate Name: Aalyaan Khan

The use of resources extracted by an armed group has spread all around the world for many years. By purchasing resources from these associations, People are funding non-regulated drawing of these resources out of the Earth. These groups have a history of using forced human labor including the use of innocent children. Countries keep purchasing resources from these groups which hurts the long term goals to get rid of these groups and stop the unrestricted mining. By not regulating the importing of minerals from countries the the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), people around the world are aiding unrestricted extraction of conflict minerals.

Italy observes the need to take action on the purchase and trade of unrestricted extracted minerals. Italy is a part of the Organization For Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). This organization promotes and creates policies that are standards for sustainable economic growth. Italy has supported the research of the industry and if they meet the recommendations of the OECD guidance. The EU has established regulations for the supply and importing using due diligence for the consumers and buyers of these minerals. These rules and regulations make sure that importers carefully choose where they purchase their gold, tin, tungsten, etc. The human rights of the people in these groups are very important to Italy and a major reason to stop the growth and exporting of conflict minerals.

Italy proposes that all minerals imported have official government documentation proving their extraction by authorized, government approved foundations. This rule is helping support basic human rights and to stop the usage of child and coerced labor. Second, To promote and enforce the due diligence rule and remind countries to be cautious on where they buy their minerals. Italy will be reminding countries about the new law and will be strictly following it. This change will result in better human treatment in the mining industry in conflict countries and more economic stability because it is all recorded by the exporting countries. It is important for countries to follow this new law to better these countries and the world.

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