September 16, 2019
 In 2023-De-escalation of Sectarian Conflict

Country: Italy
Delegate Name: Aalyaan Khan

Rivalries between cultural and religious groups have been a conflict around the world forever. The joining of or supporting these groups directly should help the people, planet, prosperity, place, and partnership. Religious freedom is very important to the people and government of italy. In recent conflicts, Italy has decided to stay away and not intervene. Italy’s leaders enforce with the people to not interfere with the conflict but to set a goal to a solution.

Italy has been a religiously tolerant and open country since the 1800’s. Creating a safe space for all religions was a first step Italy took to a free religious and cultural world. Italy has passed laws that permit citizens of Italy to practice religion by oneself, or with others. Religious communities have the right to establish institutions and promote, or celebrate rites in public. Italy has monitored racial discrimination with focus to completely eradicate discrimination. Studies showing that Muslim women were prone to online targeting is the most prominent in Italy. Italy has adopted the EU anti-racism action plan to spread awareness and to start tracking discrimination more than before. It is essential to make to plans, laws, and regulations to eliminate all discrimination

Italy proposes that the United Nations promote the eradication of all sectarian conflicts. Italy and many other countries will help spread the cause and promote the good effects that will come with no discrimination. The tracking law will help us incentivise past offenders to not keep going with their actions but to educate themselves and to teach others.