September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Situation in Afghanistan

Country: United States of America
Delegate Name: Carson Patten

Security Council
United States of America
Carson Patten

Since the 1970s, the government of Afghanistan has been unstable and weak. The Soviet Union invasion in 1979 supported a communist and oppressive government that chose to silence the voices of the people. More recently the Afghan government has been stable and diplomatic because of United States involvement. Unfortunately, the former Trump administration signed an international treaty to pull out all US troops. Because of the integrity of the Biden administration, The United States decided to honor that treaty, as not to anger or cause any diplomatic rifts. Because of the Trump administration’s poor handling of the situation the Taliban has begun to retake control of the country risking catastrophic government failure and famine. The United Nations needs to be fierce in combating the Taliban and terrorist organizations like ISIS-K, while also being able to provide aid for the people who are stranded there.

As a country with a long history in Afghanistan, the United States recognizes that there are several issues that need attention. The United States is expecting to resettle thousands of refugees within our nation. There are priorities within our administration to ensure a smooth transition for the people evacuated from Afghanistan. The United States is also aware that the withdrawal of our military forces has become a paramount discussion topic. While we understand that the evacuation of US troops was messy, we had a choice to either honor the agreement and treaty made by the previous administration or to leave our troops in a never-ending war and continue the unnecessary loss of innocent lives. The United States has also provided financial aid to Afghanistan, spending 4.68 billion dollars in 2019. The US would also look favorably upon continued financial aid, but we would like there to be more stability in the nation. We are mainly worried about giving aid and having it being used for something that we did not authorize, such as strengthening the Taliban’s military power.

The United States of America urges the UNSC to take immediate action in Afghanistan to address the spread and growing political power of terrorist organizations like ISIS-K. We also recommend that the UNSC establish temporary refugee camps for the displaced persons of Afghanistan until they can be permanently relocated. The UNSC must also be pursuant to making sure the Taliban Government will be proficient and honest when receiving funds or diplomats.

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