September 16, 2019
 In 2022-Improving Maternal Health

Country: Indonesia
Delegate Name: Jasmine Mand

United Nations Women
Improving Maternal Health
The Republic of Indonesia
Jasmine Mand
Forest Hills Eastern High School

Improving maternal health is a necessity in most countries. One effect is that maternal health care can cost 10,000 dollars without health insurance. Poverty is the leading cause in … Additionally, many people cannot afford to be in hospitals to deliver their babies and more than 800 women daily have complications related to pregnancy or childbirth Also, the most common death occurs from excessive blood loss, infection, high blood pressure, and unsafe abortion. Without the correct tools and healthcare professionals, we will not be able to improve maternal health. Deaths related to maternal complications can be prevented if there is quality health care. The UN maternal health is a tenant of the United Nations Development Program. Other causes like malaria, heart disease, and anemia can also be indirect causes of complications during pregnancy. So far, the United Nations (UN) has attempted to improve the availability of medicine and reproductive health services.

The Republic of Indonesia realizes the maternal health risk factors of diseases and the lack of care for mothers in their country. Indonesia partnered with Phillps (medical technology company) to provide Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring Software (MOM), a software that identifies risk factors in pregnant women, MOM helped detect high-risk pregnancies from 5% to 17%. Furthermore, there is data showing that most women in Indonesia experience anemia during their pregnancy, and this software provided a 99% decrease in anemia. Since 2010, Indonesia’s maternal death rates have decreased, and since 2017, 177 deaths per 100,000 born have been recorded. Indonesia has more professionally trained doctors and nurses in its facility. Indonesia has increased its literacy level to help provide better care. The government of Indonesia has also partnered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide better healthcare priorities. Also, Japan’s government provided assistance to Indonesia for better child health development. In 1989, the Indonesian government sent out the Midwifery, which helps pregnant women access a midwife at a rapid speed of time if they do not have one.

Indonesia requests the United Nations to better care for maternal health all around the world. The joint committee believes that Indonesia’s mortality rate can be reduced to a significantly low number with the better effort of care mothers. Indonesia recommends that all births be ensured in a safe and certified facility. Countries that are willing to accept this policy should provide more funds to help. Developing nations can partner up with other countries. Developing new programs for maternal health is necessary. Indonesia is improving and achieving its goals of improving maternal health and will support other countries with money.