September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Fire Prevention and Response

Country: United States of America
Delegate Name: Seth Verburg

United Nation Development Program
Fire Prevention and Response
United States of America
Seth Verburg
Forest Hills Eastern

The United Nations Development Program is deeply concerned about uncontrolled wildfires and how we can prevent them. Over the past couple of decades, there has been a surge in wildfires around the world and in the U.S. Especially in the last couple of years. 2020 provided 6 of California’s 20 biggest and most devastating wildfires last year. The UNDP wants to do everything we can to stop the spread of wildfires across the world. After devastating wildfires have destroyed so much around the world, it is imperative for member states to respond to this pressing issue.

The United States recognizes this as a huge problem as we have already had 6.5 million acres burned this year alone by wildfires and about 101 million acres in 2020. Although fires can naturally be good for the environment and keep an ecosystem healthy, the United States wants to find a way to control these fires and not let them cause any major damage to people’s lives. In our own country, we try to put down fires as fast as they come about. Many brave Americans risk their life and we help victims of the fire financially to help make up for all they have lost. We try to keep the general public educated as well so citizens themselves can lessen the chance of a beastly wildfire coming about. And globally, the United States has been helping to fight fires as well. The United States has already helped Australia to help combat its devastating wildfire in 2020 as much as we could, sending funds and the best firefighting resources in the world. The United States will do more to fight against fires alongside the UNDP, as we have already funded millions per year towards UNDP causes and are interested in developing new techniques to fight fires, endangering fewer lives, and causing less damage to homes and lives.

One good way to stop wildfires is to start smaller, controlled fires deliberately. This is the best tactic to prevent wildfires from occurring. It could also be useful to prohibit any objects prone to start fires from large areas that could be in danger of a fire. And lastly, keep citizens educated and help them know what to do if a wildfire is starting to potentially stop it or report to authorities before it gets out of hand. The U.S. strongly recommends these ideas and is in full support of wildfire prevention.

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