September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Women's Economic Empowerment

Country: Germany
Delegate Name: Jaisal Chopra

United Nations Women
Women’s Economic Empowerment
The Federal Republic of Germany
Jaisal Chopra
Forest Hills Eastern

For a while now, women have been oppressed. In most countries and cultures, their only role has been considered the homemaker and caregiver. The economic area of life is a main part of life where women have been oppressed. They earn lower wages for doing the same amount of work. They are less desired for jobs they may be better at just because of their gender. They are also less likely to have the access to higher education which also leads to inequality in the future. When women have jobs, they are often underpaid and not protected from sexual harassment. According to the World Economic Forum’s most recent Gender Gap report, closing the inequality gap between men and women will take 108 years if we continue at the rate we are going at today. The United Nations has recognized the lack of equality between men and women when it comes to jobs, wages, and more. To take steps to achieve their goal of minimizing the difference between men and women, the UN has paid close attention to specific countries where this country is most prevalent. In Gujarat, for example, UN Women has taken action to empower women by helping women assimilate into council positions for their small villages.

According to the UN Women’s website, Germany has recognized the lacking areas in its borders in terms of women’s economic empowerment. Germany is “calling for women to play a more prominent role in politics, the economy and society, Germany commits to launching an initiative to bolster women’s professional qualifications in developing countries and promote women’s entrepreneurial empowerment.” Germany has also enacted the Act on Equal Participation of Women and Men in Leadership Positions in the Private and the Public Sector which has shown some development after their commitments. They have required at least 30% of seats on a company board to be reserved for women. The German government has a goal of eliminating violence against women, and with the aid from the penal code that criminalizes the act of trafficking in person, they have been able to approve a “reform of the penal code provision for rape and sexual violence and the Law on Regulating the Business of Prostitution and Protecting Persons working in Prostitution.” Germany is also supporting developing countries with their endeavors to foster women’s roles in politics, economics, and society overall.

Germany is a driving force in support of women’s economic empowerment. Germany hopes the international community can recognize this problem and take similar steps to eliminate the issue. Germany urges nations to set laws in place that criminalize any violence against women, and those that limit the opportunities that are given to women. Also, Germany proposes that the UN should work on integrating women into more leadership roles to the level that men and women are equally represented. Germany will support any resolution that sets laws to integrate women into society more equally and brings women into higher positions.

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