September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Israel-Palestine

Country: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Delegate Name: Sarah Dixon

The Israel Palestine conflict in the Middle East is an issue that must be addressed. The hostilities that began in that region during 1920 have lasted for over a century, resulting in the injuries and deaths of thousands of oppressed Palestinian people. While Israeli leaders have signed numerous peace agreements with Palestinian leaders, such agreements have been continuously betrayed by Israel. Mere words of the Israeli government carry little weight and have yet to result in serious actions or escalations. The Israel Palestine conflict has been primarily a massacre of innocent Palestinians, and it must end. The United Nations must assume a more active role in the protection of Palestinian rights and freedom. The recent air attacks of Israel on Palestinians in the Gaza strip killed dozens of civilians including children and women, annihilated buildings, left countless people homeless, and devastated a large number of civilian businesses without any evident military targets. Such Israeli attacks will only result in the continuation of war crimes and the slaughter of Palestinian people should the United Nations continue failing to take adamant action. The United Nations Special Political Committee must take immediate action to pass a resolution that will protect Palestinian rights and freedom.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea regards the Israel Palestine conflict to be one of an oppressor—the Israeli imperialist reign—abusing the oppressed—the persecuted Palestinians. The Israeli oppression must be terminated. The DPRK condemns Israel for its terrorism and adamantly supports the Palestinian liberation movement and anti-Zionism. The DPRK does not recognize Israel and continues to acknowledge Palestine as the legitimate authority of all Israeli land, excluding the Golan Heights. The DPRK also criticizes the United States of America for its double standard of supporting Israel, a country possessing nuclear weapons that is not a nuclear-weapon state under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The DPRK denounces Israeli occupation, citing the war crimes committed by the Israeli power. The DPRK’s main mission is to protect the rights of the Palestinian people, and the DPRK will continue to work as an unwavering proponent for the Palestinian rights to freedom and self-determination.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea stands in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle to end Israeli occupation, advocating to establish an independent Palestinian state with the capital of East Jerusalem. The DPRK cites the resolution of the 1974 UN General Assembly by which the Palestinian people are entitled to national independence, and recognizes Palestine’s rights to the creation of an independent state upon its authorized territory. The DPRK also commands the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Israel from Palestinian and other Arab territories of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, and South Lebanon, calling for the prevention of new developments of Israeli settlements and the dismantlement of currently existing settlements in the listed territories. The DPRK also urges that the Special Political Committee recommend further investigation of the war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation to the Security Council. Finally, the DPRK is willing to contribute any funding or military arms and aid necessary to the establishment and protection of the state of Palestine.

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