September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Autonomous Weapon Systems

Country: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Delegate Name: Bergen Grochoski

Autonomous weapon systems are considered to be a weapon system that is capable of operating without direct human input or control, particularly in terms of the actual use of force. This definition is broad and unnecessarily vague. Anything from a simple land mine to something as complex as an unmanned aerial vehicle is included in this definition. Autonomous weapons systems, although hard to define, have played a key role in many wars throughout history. 64,000 American soldiers were killed by landmines in the Vietnam war. The United States’ use of drone strikes in Afghanistan lead to around 5,000 deaths. The importance of Autonomous weapon systems in modern warfare is the main reason that their banning has become a topic of deliberation.

Banning autonomous weapon systems is not an item that DPRK wishes to push forward within this committee. DPRK does not wish for its military capabilities to be restricted by flimsy definitions of what is or isn’t an autonomous weapon system. We believe that this vague definition can be used to ban items that are integral to DPRK’s defense and military expansion. The banning of Autonomous weapon systems also eradicates lots of military weaponry that the DPRK has invested in over the years for the nation’s defense.

DPRK refuses to acknowledge any action against the production and use of autonomous weapon systems. DPRK hopes that other countries acknowledge that the banning of autonomous weapon systems won’t solve any issues when it comes to warfare and hope that no motions pass in this committee. DPRK also wishes for the committee to acknowledge that unless the definition for autonomous weapon systems becomes more specific and targeted towards actual issues that it will be hard to garner support for their banning.

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