September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Israel-Palestine

Country: Hungary
Delegate Name: Kendra Rhein

The humanitarian crisis of Israel and Palestine has pulled most countries into involvement with conflict resulting in massive loss of life. With over 2,324 deaths, a 43 percent unemployment rate in the Gaza strip, and billions in support and damage to infrastructure. It’s imperative that our committee comes to a fast, effective, and diplomatic solution to this very real and pervasive issue to stop the loss of resources and more importantly lives.

Previously the Republic of Haiti has introduced the initiative to relocate the capital. Therefore, indicating their position on such matters. These opinions and stances are based on the economic support received from both Israel and the United States of America. Also, the same sentiments are supported for the belief that it will lead to both decreased conflict, loss of life, and also increased gdps and profits for all involved countries and nations.

The Republic of Haiti supports the solution of a bilateral agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians. Through this agreement, The Republic of Haiti hopes to bring forth a unified single-state with non-biased citizenship and equal rights despite differences in religion or ethnicity. The Republic of Haiti is prepared to assist the UN in creating such a resolution to restore peace and end the conflict at hand.

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