September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Cybercrime

Country: Germany
Delegate Name: Tessa Stanley

Around the world, the internet is utilized as a powerful tool for communication, with many countries and organizations depending on it for social and economic correspondence. In recent decades, however, the use of the internet for more criminal purposes has become prevalent. With the immense variety of technologies comes an immense span of cybercrimes. There are two main classifications of cybercrimes: crimes that disrupt the inner workings of the internet like hacking, and crimes which breach individual security, like theft or blackmail. In order to properly take down cybercrimes, each type of crime requires its own solution. There are a number of resolutions already passed authorizing solutions to these issues; however, the global nature of cybercrime makes taking down extortion schemes which defy physical boundaries challenging.

Germany relies heavily on the internet as a social lifeline. Cyber attacks and IT products’ malfunctions have detrimental effects on technology, business, and communication; as such, it is vital to protect the authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity of data. Ensuring cyber security is of the utmost importance to Germany. In 2009, Germany ratified the Budapest Convention, the first international treaty which focused specifically on cybercrime with a focus on copyright infringement, computer fraud, child pornography, and violations of network security. Additionally, Germany is currently drafting a second, additional protocol to the Budapest Convention. Germany aims to continue this progress towards positive change and developing practical solutions to eliminate cybercrime.

Since information and communication technology are global systems, cybercrime requires international cooperation, including networks for security and foreign policy. Germany urges the UN to take action by investing in strengthening IT security for public administration and establishing a national Cyber Security Council to respond to IT situations as well as a Cyber Response Centre to identify and tackle cybersecurity threats.

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