September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Cybercrime

Country: United States of America
Delegate Name: Naman Jain

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee
United States of America
Naman Jain
Forest Hills Eastern

The Internet is a powerful tool for communication and information with technology constantly continuing to develop. However, as Internet usage continues to increase, cybercrime becomes more prevalent and dangerous. Crimes from hacking, fraud, and money laundering to cyber terrorism all continue to rise. The United States understands, as per the Luxembourg Guidelines, that “the fast evolution of information and communication technologies (ICT) brings new manifestations of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children.” These online attacks can lead to individual crimes like trafficking as well. These attacks endanger citizens, businesses, and countries as a whole. Cybercrime is a global issue that needs to be immediately addressed.

The United States experiences significant cybercrime. Financially, the United States lost $4.2 billion in revenue in 2020 alone due to cybercrime. Furthermore, the United States faces threats from cyber attacks with the growing risk of personal information being stolen through attacks on the government. On May 7, a ransomware attack by the cybercrime group DarkSide on Colonial Pipeline forced the company to shut down its pipeline. This attack eventually led to a $4.4 million ransom payment to the group to restore the pipeline’s operations. Attacks like these damage businesses and governments around the world with 86.2% of organizations compromised by at least one successful cyberattack in 2021. According to Forbes, this could lead to $10.5 trillion of cost annually by 2025.

The United States advocates for a resolution that focuses on cybersecurity to prevent cybercrimes around the world. Research on methods to stop cyberattacks could severely reduce the impact of these digital attacks. A combined and global approach to research methods of cybersecurity could create a potent solution for large-scale cyber threats. To keep citizens and businesses secure, the dangers of the internet should be communicated so people can personally take precautions that increase their safety. The United States urges member nations to take an active and collaborative role in order to reduce cybercrime worldwide.

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