September 16, 2019
 In 2021-Israel-Palestine

Country: United States of America
Delegate Name: Jesse Yang

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been a constant since the inception of Israel. The creation of the Jewish state was facilitated by Resolution 181(II), which was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1947. The resolution proposed the partition of Palestine into an Arab state, a Jewish state, and an independent city of Jerusalem. Since then, Israel and Palestine have been locked in a tumultuous time of war. The immediate backlash launched the region into the 1947-1949 Palestine War. Conflict followed conflict, as the 1967 Six-Day War clashed the two states yet again. The constant strife has strained Israel, Palestine, and the global community, as countless peace talks such as the Camp David Accords and Oslo Peace Accords have been attempted in order to stop the conflict. Unfortunately, all have failed, and the fighting between Israel and Palestine has seen outbursts of violence recently, with rocket attacks killing hundreds and wounding thousands in the spring of 2021. The Special Political Committee is tasked with ending the conflict between Israel and Palestine, ensuring a peaceful environment for citizens and a fair distribution of land and resources.
The United States has been a central force in the Israel-Palestine conflict for over half a century, initially joining the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in their efforts to establish the Jewish state of Israel. After the three Arab-Israeli wars, the United States pushed for peace talks between the two states, such as the Camp David Accords championed by President Jimmy Carter and the Oslo Peace Accords, which were signed at the White House with President Bill Clinton. Since then, the USA has been the largest provider of assistance to Palestine, providing more than $7.6 billion in aid. The United States has championed for a two-state solution, with Israel and Palestine sharing the capital of Jerusalem, split into ‘West Jerusalem’ and ‘East Jerusalem’.
The USA urges the creation of a United Nations peacekeeping force by the UN Security Council in order to have a neutral body to prevent further conflict between Israel and Palestine. It urges the creation of two internationally recognized states with a Palestine controlled Gaza Strip and West Bank, as well as a shared capital of Jerusalem. Initially, UN peacekeepers will be stationed in Jerusalem, to prevent a repeat of the 1947-1949 Palestine War. The United States will continue to provide aid to Palestine and recommends the Arab League and its member states follow suit, in order to help the newly formed country rebuild, develop economically, and tackle its humanitarian crisis. With this two-state solution, the United States hopes to see an end to this everlasting conflict, and a new age of prosperity.

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