September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Forced Labour

Topic: 2024-Forced Labour
Country: United Kingdom
Delegate Name: Jacob Zhang

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
International Labour Organization
February, 2024
Forced Labour

Forced labor, an issue that is of great importance to the United Kingdom. As a nation committed to glorifying human rights and creating ethical regulations, the UK recognizes the urgency of addressing this injustice. Forced labor doesn’t just affect a single nation, it affects the world; it tampers with the fabric of our society, shaping our domestic policies and international engagements to adapt to these new growing issues. From the different corners of the Earth, the impact of forced labor ripples through the global network.
The pandemic of forced labor has much significance to the United Kingdom, and our supply chains expanded across borders. Within many industries, all of these intertwined with the collective objective of abolishing forced labor. The United Kingdom has an ethical responsibility to ensure that the products consumed and produced within our borders are clean from modern slavery. Moreover, the UK recognizes the vulnerability of certain communities to exploitation, necessitating a targeted approach to protect the rights of all individuals within our borders.
While the United Kingdom has made significant strides in combating forced labor, our goal is far from achieved. Some of these strides that the United Kingdom have taken is the Modern Slavery Act stands as a testament to our commitment, requiring businesses to scrutinize their supply chains for any signs of exploitation. However, challenges persist, and the UK wants to expand its commitment to taking more steps in the right direction, and the UK acknowledges the need for continued strength and adaptability in the face of unfolding challenges.
To introduce some steps that the UN could take in the correct direction, the United Kingdom proposes a complex approach. First, the UK would like to reinforce its legislative framework, and ensure that existing laws are rigorously enforced, as well as collaborating internationally to strengthen international efforts. Elaboration on principles of corporate responsibility, the UK urges businesses everywhere to uphold ethical standards and eliminate forced labor from their supply chains. As well as urging the government to enhance its policies, fortifying law enforcement capabilities and legal frameworks to combat modern slavery effectively. Another step we would like to take is victim support and rehabilitation, advocating for comprehensive systems that provide healthcare, legal assistance, and rehabilitation programs. Internationally, the UK emphasizes the importance of collaborative initiatives, financial support, and technological advancements to track and eliminate forced labor across the globe. Ultimately the UK would like to pose as an ethical role model and create regulations to face this problem.

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