September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Right to Organize

Topic: 2024-Right to Organize
Country: Albania
Delegate Name: Lidija Habekovic

Albania supports its citizens’ right to organize, as stated in the Constitution of Albania. Part II, Chapter III, Article 45 of the Constitution of Albania states that “everyone has the right to organize for any lawful purpose”. While this Article and many other regulations, including ratified ILO Conventions, are in place, Albania recognizes that the de facto implementation of these laws is something Albania needs to focus on.
Albania recognizes the importance of a cooperative, safe, and motivated workforce. Currently, there are two major trade unions in Albania: the KSSh, and the BSPSh. Together with the Albanian government, trade unions have collaborated to draft and edit labor laws, to supervise the enforcement of work safety laws, and to expedite the execution of housing construction plans. In an effort to further protect the rights of workers, Albania has ratified ILO Conventions 87, 98, and 151, to protect workers from workplace discrimination on account of participation in trade unions, and to ensure that workers have the right to join and create trade unions. Albania recognizes the essential role trade unions play in maintaining the well-being and structure of the workforce, and how empowering workers through labor unions can contribute to a more progressive and inclusive work environment.
However, Albania recognizes that the de facto implementation of its labor laws and ratified Conventions falls short of what is needed. There have been many instances of workplace discrimination; employers regularly create barriers that delay the recognition of trade unions. Albania acknowledges that adequate means of protection against workplace discrimination need to be put into place; Albania also recognizes that mechanisms for the promotion of collective bargaining are lacking, and hopes to take steps towards implementing new laws and procedures that protect trade unions and encourage collective bargaining in the near future.
Albania recognizes the importance of the right to organize both inside Albania and internationally. Upholding that the right to organize is a human right, Albania is excited to take action to ensure that workers and labor unions can exercise their rights without fear of discrimination. Albania looks forward to discussing and working with like-minded nations to create a resolution all parties can agree on.