September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Right to Organize

Topic: 2024-Right to Organize
Country: Poland
Delegate Name: Elena Petros

Poland firmly believes that the right to organize is a fundamental human right that sustains fair and just labor practices. The UN, through the International Labour Organization, has been instrumental in promoting and protecting this right on a global scale since 1919.
Currently, article 20A of the constitution of the Republic of Poland gives its citizens the right to form a union, organize, and speak their minds. However, historically, Poland has fallen under communist reign, which severely limited and restricted our right to organize, silenced our voices, and suppressed our independent labor unions. In 1989 a Solidarity movement played a crucial role in the fall of communism which paved the way to Poland’s transition into democracy.
Despite progress in recent decades, Poland faces some contemporary challenges in maintaining their right to organize. The rise of a populist party, unenforced rules of law, and restrictions on society as of late has caused growing concerns about the future of the protection of labor laws. The right to organize is fundamental to the functioning of a democratic society. It enables citizens to voice their concerns, participate in decision-making processes, and hold those in power accountable. Additionally, it restores fairness to an economy by strengthening federal laws that protect worker’s rights to organize a union and to negotiate higher wages and better benefits for their well-being.
As Poland struggles with recent challenges to preserve its democratic principles, safeguarding the right to organize becomes paramount. We beseech the international community to support our efforts to protect and reinforce our right to organize, ensuring that Poland continues to thrive as a democratic nation.