September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Situation in Yemen

Topic: 2024-Situation in Yemen
Country: Philippines
Delegate Name: Rekshitha Rajeshkumar

The Philippines is a great advocate to stability and human rights. Yemen is facing many issues but their humanitarian and political instability are highly recognized by the Philippines. There needs be immediate action. The Philippines does not condone the harsh treatment of the civilians, especially women and children. The Philippines also believes that the solution cannot just address one part of the problem, but the entire thing or it will not be solved. Taking steps to find the root cause of the issue will help address sustainable solutions. The country of Yemen needs access to basic necessities. The instability of Yemen is affecting not only the people in that country but also neighboring countries as well. Action needs to be taken immediately.
On February 15th, 1983, both the Philippines and Yemen declared their diplomatic relationship. The Philippines has consistently gave Yemen help regarding humanitarian issues. The goal is to help Yemen during this hardship, but not endangering the Philippines. During natural disasters and food shortages, the Philippines aided Yemen by releasing relief teams and medical supplies. Philippine humaniatrians risked their lives to help the Yemeni. The Philippines also has donated to the Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) consistently. Through the money, Yemen is able to distribute healthcare and food for their civilians. In 2021, the Philippines provided 26.7 million dollars for the YHF. The Philippines also allied with other countries like Canada, South Korea, France, and the United States, to make to the impact YHF long lasting. The Philippines understands the the situation Yemen is serious and the efforts made by the country is not enough, but the Philippines is committed consistently helping Yemen.
The Philippines suggests creating a strong humanitarian route to make it easier to get food, medication, and other necessities to the impacted Yemeni populations. To guarantee humanitarian groups’ safety, this route needs to be protected. The Philippines wants meaningful communication between all sides to the Yemeni situation. The Philippines wants the establishment of an inclusive peace process led by Yemen and backed by the United Nations. Local negotiations and other trust-building efforts can lead to more long-lasting and effective negotiations. The Philippines emphasizes how important it is to address the root causes of the conflict. It is crucial for all nations involved to address poverty, governance issues, and conflicts between religions . The Philippines suggests strategies for economic development, social unity promotion in Yemen, and skill building programs. The Philippines is prepared to work with other delegates to find a solution for Yemen that will ensure stability, peace, and the safety of its people.

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