September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Addressing Healthcare Worker Shortage

Topic: 2024-Addressing Healthcare Worker Shortage
Country: Qatar
Delegate Name: Jasmine Mand

World Health Organization
Addressing the Health Care Worker Shortage
State of Qatar
Jasmine Mand
Forest Hills Eastern

The State of Qatar recognizes the increase in demand for healthcare workers as everyone should receive equal opportunity to access healthcare facilities. It is a severe problem to see that by 2035, there will be a global deficit of 12.9 million healthcare workers. Many diseases and natural disasters are occurring that require a large amount of doctors and nurses. This also puts an extreme amount of pressure and burnout on physicians. Qatar believes that greater education and training should be accessible in developing nations, as many people cannot afford to pay. This overall shortage has concerned many countries, as citizens are facing direct issues with treatment.

To address this issue, Qatar suggests hosting a few foreign volunteer doctors and nurses to help train healthcare providers. It is important to expand medical training to facilitate adequate and greater healthcare providers. In education, there should be more clinical studies to help citizens faster. Recently, Qatar has implemented virtual healthcare as a safer and more manageable option to help with distribution. Many non-communicable diseases are spreading throughout nations which can inhibit doctors and nurses. Also, if people need medical attention urgently, hotlines are available to help them access healthcare services quickly. Qatar is willing to donate to NGOs like Qatar Charity or Project HOPE to increase healthcare workers and training in all nations.

After COVID-19, Qatar faced a lot of worker burnout specifically among migrants. About 60% of people in the workforce are non-residents. This results in long waiting times and greater shortages. To address this issue, The State of Qatar invested a lot of money in AI support. Software systems are designed to aid with diagnostic tools and machines to develop a faster mechanism. This can help surgeries and medical check-ups be easier for doctors and nurses. The State of Qatar seeks to fund other nations with technological advancements. These issues in healthcare should be addressed as soon as possible to receive adequate results.

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