September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Balancing Human Rights

Topic: 2024-Balancing Human Rights
Country: Iran
Delegate Name: Ethan Han

Topic: 2024-Balancing Human Rights and Counterterrorism
Country: Iran
Delegate Name: Ethan Han
Forest Hills Northern

The Islamic Republic of Iran recognizes the importance of responding to the global challenge of terrorism while upholding fundamental human rights. While acknowledging the nuances and complicated nature of balancing human rights with counterterrorism, Iran is committed to discussions to foster a just balance.

Iran notes the importance of cooperation when countering terrorism concerning human rights. International collaboration through the open sharing of information is crucial for a good approach to addressing terrorism while respecting human rights principles. Iran pushes for open and inclusive dialogue with all nations to share effective practices, and common challenges, and develop comprehensive strategies that would help fight against terrorism while maintaining human rights.

Recognizing the intricacies between human rights and counterterrorism, Iran commits to engaging in the pursuit of effective and just counterterrorism policies. By advocating for the cooperation of all nations, upholding human rights, and implementing discussed measures, Iran believes that a balanced approach can be achieved regarding the challenge of global terrorism.

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