September 16, 2019
 In 2024-Addressing Healthcare Worker Shortage

Topic: 2024-Addressing Healthcare Worker Shortage
Country: Australia
Delegate Name: Stanija Combs

From the start of Covid-19, to present day, Australia has been at the forefront of a severe shortage of healthcare workers. Although not in specific territories, certain Australian territory borders remain closed, unless the people arriving have vaccinations. Throughout 2021, people were only permitted visiting relatives that were suffering from Covid-19. Due to the closed borders, in-land healthcare workers struggled with entering new territories to treat patients. In relation, international healthcare workers became unsuccessful with the closed border, resulting in a healthcare worker shortage. Understanding that Australia isn’t alone in this crisis strengthens the significance of this problem.

The complexity of global educational systems, and the lack of a method to standardize healthcare schooling, has us concerned about the next generation of healthcare workers. How do we combat a shortage when there are some countries providing educational opportunities while others leave students with massive debt? Australia also battles the concern of safety – specifically the healthcare worker shortage within Covid-19: How do we guarantee the protection of people if there aren’t enough staff to treat them?

To address the conversation of resolving the current situation, Australia is advocating for a global standardization of a healthy work environment. A workplace that promotes health and well-being is beneficial to maintain and grow the healthcare worker system. Although institutions may disagree, affordable or free educational programs for students wanting to go into healthcare can be achieved. By introducing specialized international institutions that would allow students to have the ability to learn without the limit of cost issues or border regulations, future generations will feel more confident in pursuing a degree in all types of healthcare. Australia looks forward to working with other nations to determine the best route of solving the issue of the global healthcare worker shortage.