September 16, 2019
 In Nuclear Reactors in Conflict Zones

Country: Canada
Delegate Name: Jordane Warren

Canada is a member of almost every international disarmament organization and is committed to pushing for an end to nuclear weapons. Canada’s viewpoint upon nuclear reactors, as a lone standing factor, is that they are relatively safe. The production and overall process handles the chain reaction of destruction that we see when nuclear weapons are often used for testing. However, these safety mechanisms are not guaranteed to function or even work if faced with high damage from attack — specifically, nuclear weapons.

Canada believes there are multiple ways to go about new jurisdiction upon the ideals for nuclear energy, such as background checks on a country’s past dealings with conflict, or even current dealings. As well as countries that would have the potential for abusing the nuclear reactors within their own nation, or using others as a target for execution within another civilization. There are similar plans such as the case of brazil and Iran in the 1970s, both countries had been denied Enrichment plants by the United States because of unmet political conditions, and worry about the creation of nuclear weapons.

Canada would like to recognize the issue of countries with already established nuclear power, abusing the uses of such, and or the usurpations of countries with said nuclear power. Canada would like the help of delegates interested in similar topics to combine schemes of how to deal with this urging notion.

If these policies were to be fully put into place and signed upon by the United Nations, then nuclear reactors and nuclear energy as a whole would be abused a lot less frequently. Canada is fully aware that nuclear energy is the solution to a problem that plagues many low-income nations that need protection from the effects of climate change or to balance the energy issues within their economy, however, the distribution of nuclear reactors is something the United Nations should closely covet until there is a clear cover of information within a sovereign nation.

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