September 16, 2019
 In Opioid Crisis

Country: Canada
Delegate Name: Cheyenne Panek

While Canada is not a producer of drugs, we are aware that there is a large network of transportation of drugs throughout our country. Canada views opioids as something that can destroy but also help people. Canada recognizes that there are both positive and negative attributes to opioids, but that finding that balance is important to resolving this world crisis.

Canada poses the following questions to the committee: “How can we stop or slow down the production of illegal drugs?” “What are some things we can use or do to try and stop the use of opioids altogether?”

Seeing as Canada has published acts such as The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act, we as a country know that instead of trying to force policies onto our citizens it is a voluntary act just to simply help the wellbeing of our nation’s people. Canada understands that there may are countries who cannot provide funding or cannot convince their drug companies to stop their ways. We propose a potential solution to this in that the UNCCPC creates a regional or global act that is similar to Canada’s Good Samaritan Act. As it would have the same concept as our act of giving people the means to respond correctly to specific issues and become knowledgeable to the ongoing issues. We see many country policies include negative actions such as imprisonment or, in some cases, execution for using drugs. Canada’s stance on this way of dealing with the issue is that we should stay away from negative actions/punishments and have more open minded thinking moving towards positive policies and thus positive outcomes. Canada would be ready to help support this cause as we see that it is currently working in our nation and we would like to help globally.