September 16, 2019
 In Opioid Crisis

Country: Mozambique
Delegate Name: Victoria Fowler

In Mozambique the struggle of drug abuse among the residents living in the country has increased tremendously. Over the years, clinical help remains in low availability yet, Mozambique still remains with a large population of HIV and HCV diseases. Acknowledging the drug transportation is key in order to address our main issue. A large drug transportation in African countries is currently in urgent demand and Mozambique plays a huge role in the routes of where and how the drugs go. Although we have placed military units to assist police operations along the border to control smuggling, poaching, and illegal migration, these tactics have unfortunately not helped.

Mozambique wants to ask the other delegates in the room if strengthening military will help prevent smuggling? Mozambique is determined to work with other nations to stabilize and strengthen its military and include more secured checkpoints throughout Mozambique’s routes and borders to insure safety. Mozambique also asks the question of how their going to solve the possible domino effect Mozambique and other nations have began to cause in allowing drug trafficking across our borders. We are concerned that drug trafficking will lead to instability and violence across borders leading to the involvement of the Security Council. In fact, in December 2022, Mozambique’s President Filipe Nyusi visited the U.S. Department of State to welcoming becoming a member of the United Nations Security Council. Mozambique openly attempts to involuntary drug trade on behalf of their government but wishes to also acknowledge their new seat in security council and will bring this issue to this body if need be.

Finally the nation of Mozambique recognizes its struggles and wants to maintain a strong government in order to help their stance in this crisis of drug transportation and abuse. Our residents are in critical condition with the low help of clinical and medical attention. The delegation of Mozambique would welcome any nation present who’s willing to aid and build proper stability and becoming partners in global health initiatives.