September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Militarization of Outer Space

Country: Ecuador
Delegate Name: Jacob Marabanian

For Ecuador, a country dedicated to international collaboration and peaceful
pursuits, the militarization of space poses a difficult dilemma. The threat of
weaponization and strategic dominance looms large as nations continue to make
inroads beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Ecuador, a country that values international
harmony and diplomacy, needs to navigate this terrain with astute diplomacy and a
morally upright posture. Ecuador is adamantly committed to demilitarizing space, even
in light of the potential advantages of space exploration for scientific advancement and
socioeconomic growth. It is crucial to highlight international agreements like the Outer
Space Treaty of 1967, which promote cooperative efforts to protect space as a haven
for scientific research rather than a battleground for geopolitical wars.
In the international debate about space militarization, Ecuador is one of the
leading voices for preserving space as a place of mutual advancement and peace.
Endorsing programs that work to keep space from becoming a weapon and to promote
international collaboration, Ecuador shares the belief that the universe should serve
humankind’s interests as a whole, independent of military goals. Ecuador works to
protect the sanctity of space, highlighting its enormous potential for the betterment of all
humankind while remaining true to its commitment to peaceful coexistence on Earth and
beyond. It does this by encouraging dialogue, adhering to international agreements, and
fostering a culture of peaceful exploration.

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