September 16, 2019
 In 2023-The Principle of Universal Jurisdiction

Country: Ecuador
Delegate Name: Gabe Henderson

Honorable Chairs, Distinguished Delegates,
The Republic of Ecuador recognizes the inherent complexity surrounding the application
of universal jurisdiction in addressing crimes against humanity, torture, and war crimes.
Upholding justice while respecting the sovereignty of states presents a delicate balance,
one that demands careful consideration and collaboration within the international
Ecuador acknowledges the significance of universal jurisdiction as a fundamental tool in
ensuring accountability for grave crimes when local mechanisms fail to act. Instances
such as the prosecution of senior Nazi officials and the extradition of former Chilean
dictator Augusto Pinochet underscore the importance of this principle in confronting
impunity and seeking justice for victims.
However, as we engage in discussions regarding the definition and implementation of
universal jurisdiction, Ecuador stresses the necessity of clear and universally
agreed-upon parameters. Ambiguity in definitions could lead to misuse or conflict
between states. Hence, Ecuador urges meticulous consideration in defining the scope
and limits of universal jurisdiction to prevent potential misinterpretations or overreach.
Furthermore, Ecuador acknowledges the tension between the pursuit of justice and the
respect for state sovereignty. While international cooperation in criminal adjudication is
crucial, it is imperative to respect the rights of states in deciding matters concerning
their citizens. The voluntary nature of compliance with treaties and the hesitance of
states to surrender their nationals for trial outside their jurisdiction necessitates a
balanced approach that respects both international justice imperatives and state
In addressing the complexities surrounding universal jurisdiction, Ecuador emphasizes
the importance of fostering dialogue and collaboration among nations. We believe that
the Legal Committee should work collectively towards establishing a comprehensive
framework that respects the sovereignty of states while effectively combating impunity
for egregious crimes.

Ecuador stands committed to engaging constructively in these deliberations, with the
ultimate aim of promoting international justice while respecting the sovereignty and
rights of all nations involved.
Thank you.

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