September 16, 2019
 In 2023-Reduction of Military Budgets

Country: Ecuador
Delegate Name: Jacob Marabanian

Ecuador, nestled in the heart of Latin America, stands committed to the profound
ideals of peace and progress through disarmament. The decision to disarm reflects our
nation’s unwavering dedication to fostering a secure and harmonious society. By
voluntarily reducing and eliminating weapons, Ecuador endeavors to pave the way for
regional stability and global peace. This strategic choice signifies our belief in resolving
conflicts through dialogue, cooperation, and mutual understanding rather than through
military means. Disarmament allows us to reallocate resources towards vital sectors like
healthcare, education, and sustainable development, nurturing a society where the
well-being of our citizens takes precedence over military prowess.
Through collaborative programs and conventions, the UN has facilitated
dialogues, provided technical expertise, and fostered a framework for international
cooperation, guiding Ecuador and other nations towards the reduction and elimination of
armaments. Their support has been instrumental in shaping Ecuador’s approach,
emphasizing the importance of diplomatic resolutions, enhancing transparency, and
ensuring compliance with disarmament commitments. The UN’s tireless advocacy for
disarmament resonates deeply with Ecuador’s vision for a world where peace reigns
supreme, bolstering our efforts to build a safer, more secure global community.
The country of Ecuador has actively participated in international disarmament
treaties and conventions, advocating for the reduction and elimination of weapons to
mitigate global tensions. In its own context, Ecuador has engaged in initiatives to reduce
its military arsenal, promoting transparency and accountability in its defense policies. By
redirecting resources away from militarization towards social development programs,
Ecuador has exemplified a dedication to prioritizing the well-being of its citizens over
armament buildup. Furthermore, the nation has utilized its diplomatic channels to
advocate for disarmament on regional and global platforms, emphasizing the
importance of dialogue and cooperation in resolving conflicts without resorting to
weapons. Ecuador’s proactive stance on disarmament reflects its unwavering
commitment to building a world where peace is upheld through diplomacy and collective
Solutions to this are prioritizing arms control agreements and participating
actively in disarmament treaties that align with Ecuador’s vision of reducing arms
proliferation and fostering transparency in global defense practices. Additionally,
investing in alternative avenues such as conflict resolution through mediation and
negotiation not only reduces the need for military solutions but also lays the groundwork

for sustainable peace-building initiatives. Lastly, redirecting resources from military
expenditures towards social development, education, and healthcare reinforces the
belief that true security lies in the well-being and empowerment of Ecuadorian citizens.

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