September 16, 2019
 In Wellbeing of Olympic Athletes

Country: China
Delegate Name: Claire Peters

There is a lot involved in being an Olympic level athlete, and it takes a lot to be an elite athlete with enough skill at their sport to play at the Olympic games. Being an athlete at that level comes with increased risk of injury, and far higher pressure to perform well. This can cause a lot of very serious problems like mental health problems, abuse, harassment, and other major issues for athletes.
Although China recognizes that these are major problems and issues for athletes, they are issues that are internal issues for individual countries to deal with. The way athletes are treated are up to the countries they live in and not the International Olympic Committee. Although the International Olympic Committee can partner with other organizations to help with these issues; China believes that the IOC should only have these as suggestions that each individual country decides what they do in their country, rather than having strict UN guidelines. Ultimately the treatment of athletes should be up to the country they live in and the IOC should not get overly involved in individual countries’ business in issues, like the treatment of their athletes.

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